Saturday, June 28, 2014

Not quilting

No quilting for me lately.   I've been hand stitching all the pleats on this cocktail dress for my 30th class reunion.

Unfortunately, things did not work out quite like I planned and it is unfolding to be a sheer mumu.

It won't be sexy, but it will be comfortable.

My hubby gets time off for good behavior.  I'm going to the events with my gradeschool BFF Rob.  This is us from the 3rd grade class photo.

I bought this to wear to the mixer.  Rob is also planning on plaid so we can have a proper reunion photo.

And my other reason for not quilting, is that I've been doing this.  With more on the horizon. 6 days on the bike and not a single fabric store.  OMG.  What is the world coming to????


Amy said...

Not mumu, think modern day Greek goddess.

Amy said...

And the jacket is perfect! A great score at the thrift store!

Martha said...

I am very impressed with your draping skills, and that fabric is gorgeous!

Jill said...

The cocktail dress is gorgeous. The shoes are sexy. I am also getting sidetracked from sewing by outdoor activities. Enjoy.