Friday, December 20, 2013

FMQ Feathers

I have issues with feathers.

My issue is that I don't like traditional feathers.

So I don't make them.

Therefore, when I think I might want to make some, I have no experience and they look like $#@&.

I spent some time trying to work out the flow.

There was A LOT  of erasing while I tried to sort out how to shift directions.

I did the first practice pass with an orange pen, trying to get into a rhythm.  I figured out that my groove is top to bottom and left to right.

It helps me to identify the spot on the inside curve where I need a "circle" to wrap the opposite direction feathers around.

For the next pass, I used a green pen and tried to focus only on the "spine" and focused on where things connected, letting the outer part flow on it's own.

I tried marking the spine of my practice block with a wash away marker but it wasn't noticeable on the dark green, so I used a yellow pencil on that side.

My final outcome was this.

When I was stitching it, everything felt smooth and amazing.  I tried to focus on ending the feathers in the same location to make heart shapes.

On close inspection, 30% of those feathers are still a little wonky.  And my effort to make a "stem" spine on the right just simply looks bad.

Oh well.



Ethne said...

Relax and don't 'think' too much about what you are trying to do
Take a spin thru quilting collections on pinterest for instant inspiration

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Good morning Marjorie...I think you made fantastic progress. I am fairly new to fmq; and don't seem to progress much. I am a long time hand quilter...trying!! I have recent finished 2 queen size quilts on my new went well; the other gave me But I am going to keep plugging away. I love feathers, but not good at them. You have inspired me to try it again.

Karen said...

Marjorie your feathers are coming along beautifully... When you have a minute check out "Thread Talk" by Wendy Sheppard... Her feather tips are most amazing - I've learned so much my inspecting and duplicating them. See what you think. Merry Christmas. Karen