Sunday, December 1, 2013


I had an unexpected detour in my November plans.  Brother #2 was scheduled for a routine pacemaker placement Nov 11th. Didn't go as well as planned and we made the 280 mile trek to visit him the weekend of the 16th.  Heart looked OK then, but had severe pain.  The next week was a cascade of organ failures and on the 19th, mom got the "time to gather the family" directive.  By noon the 21st, sibs and kids had gathered from throughout the country.  Which sufficiently freaked him out.   By the 27th, he was finally out of ICU.

I spent the week cooking.

There was a "bread stuffing" vs "cornbread stuffing" smack down with Brother #1.

A complete clearing and gutting of Bro #2's house to make it safe for his return.

And the scheduled delivery of several quilts.    After the planned delivery for 2 nephews, Bro #3 claimed this one for himself.

Not the Thanksgiving we had planned. But not bad overall.


Priscilla said...

"We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing."

Good luck to your brother.

Julie Fukuda said...

You did a good job of making the best through it all.

Ethne said...

All to often we have to change and adapt - it doesn't matter whether it's for minor or major issues but ...... even though you have all had a trying few weeks, you were able o come together as a family and be 'thankful' and blessed, along with creating special memories - then again Marjorie, being a quilter you know all about changing and adapting ;o)