Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday - Spring Cleaning

I had great plans to work on Big Ass Charley (the Charley Harper Cat on a Limb) today, but I needed to do something about the project creep that was happening in the living room.   I started by going through the 14 project bins and the piles of new fabrics.

This is the Tower of Scraps.  Months ago I started buying and saving the plastic bins from organic salad greens.  Today, I pulled all the scraps from misc. projects and sorted them into my color categories.  Frankly...I was shocked that I had the same color of scraps in 2 or 3 different project bins.  I moved most that was less than 5" or-so in size to these bins.

By moving all my print yardage ( 1/2 yard or less) into one drawer, I was able to put all my random batiks into a single drawer as well.
I have several other bins of batik...these are just ones I love...not ones with a specific mission.

I came across my stash of little batik triangles that were left-over from cutting hexies for Rita's quilt.  I had this Evil Plan for scattering them around and making a fabric from them.  I also ran across the fuchsia print fabric that I had put the Wonder Under mistakenly on the "right" side when I was making Stephanie's Baby Quilt. I did my best of randomly scattering the triangles.

After ironing them in place, I did a 1/2 inch-ish grid of stitching to hold them in place.

Which lead to a project that took most of the rest of the day.

I ended up making a 20" pillow with the  new fabric,  adding  chunks of fabric I'd found in the cleaning process plus some from the hexi project box.

Here it is in the spring garden with the bit of the Rita's Hexi quilt that I have done.
You know me...I had to make it reversable.  There are 3 scrap hexies, 2 fabric hexies and a bunch of random triangles attached with fuseable web and raw edge stitching.  Yea...people who really know me are ROFLMAOing  b/c they know how much I hate both this process and the outcome.  As long as I keep saying "it's a pillow, not an heirloom" it's all good.

I REALLY wish that magnolia blossom that popped into the photo was on the pillow.   Hmmmm...maybeeee  if I.... No.  not this project.  Never mind.

I have about a quart size baggie full of these triangles. If you want them to be yours, leave me a comment with what you will do with them.

Also, if you'd like these scraps...they're up for grabs. Leave a comment specifically for these.


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm so impressed with your sorting...I love the idea of the salad containers too.

Please do not put my name in the hat for your scraps...I need more scraps like I need a horse.


Natasha said...

I like the Christmas prints. I do not have that much green so I would love to have these...if you don't mind shipping to Canada??

Sallie said...

I would use the Christmas fabric in a Christmas scrap quilt.

Christine said...

What great sorting ideas!! And I love what you did with your leftover triangle scraps!!

I would use the scraps to create something with my children (3 year old twins). Last time with scraps they did decoupage on canvass, and I must say it turned out great! However, the idea of fusing it to fabric and creating something with them with a new fabric is fantastic as well!!

The colors are wonderful!!

Wendy said...

I would use them to make a crazy quilt block......

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

I would love more scraps. Don't need them, but would love them, and they are fabulous christmas prints.

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Okay - meant to leave a comment about how neat your pillows turned out (before I got distracted by your scraps, LOL).