Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mr Postman

A little mood music from the Carpenters....
Or from Stevie B....

Bottom line...before the week is over I'm getting to the post office.
To send Natasha some Christmas Scraps.
I wish I could have sent Christine the batik triangle scraps...but "no-reply" blogger means..."compost pile".
And Victoria needs her Signature Block
What I love about this block is that I used really modern style fabrics and a very traditional style and font for the signature.  My challenge was taking a Hawaiian style block and shrinking it down to 6 inches.  And I did needle-turn applique, which means the shapes ended up to be slightly different from how I imagined them.  I used a Bic permanent marker, which bleeds into the fabric more than the Pigma pens I usually use.  I guess it's an OK trade-off for being able to sign with a dark burgundy instead of black or brown.

I am in the midst of several home improvement projects as well as a busy work schedule, which frankly drags me away from my quilting time.  I'm also being very frugal with my posts, as I'm approaching my 200th post which means PARTY mean...CRAZY GIVE AWAYS!  Since I'm a hobby blogger, I don't have corporate sponsors, so I've been purchasing some extra goodies with all my % off coupons.  There will be more of my custom Charm Square Packs and a " Favorite Things" Hand Applique gift package.  I may even buy a gift certificate at my favorite LQS (who has a great on-line shop).  What else would you like me to include?


Raewyn said...

You've done a brilliant job with your Hawaiian style needleturn- justlovely!!

Julie Fukuda said...

Wow, only six inches! Nice finish. I need to study upon fabric pens. When I made a Scout signature quilt I took the pens then avilable and wrote on cloth and washed it several times, then took the best maker. It seems I should have done that with all the colors that maker produced because some ran and some faded.

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!! Oh my goodness! it's fabulous. thank you!!!!

RETRO-fabulous said...

That's beautiful, Marjorie! It's only a 6" block?? THAT is such a challenge. I think it would be a difficult block at 12 or 14". LOVE the fabrics.

I bought a pack of pigma pens with a half off joanns coupon but am afraid to use them yet. someone told me we could use sharpies but i am thinking they'd bleed, too. I'll have to play around with some scraps to get up the nerve. =)

I hope all is well with you. I've not been very good about keeping up as my computer hard drive is toast. Had to get it replaced and missed my 'good computer' terribly.

Best Wishes,