Thursday, April 7, 2011

Treasure Valley Shop Hop

OK...I'm a little annoyed.

I've been in 2 of my LQS's in the past week and only inadvertently discovered that the Shop Hop in my area starts TODAY.
In shop #1...they were cutting FQ of batik in preparation for the hoards.  Cool.  So I went to shop #2 to find out more details, and only the owner in the back (who was consulted twice) could provide any info before it "officially starts on Thursday".  Seriously?  Have they never heard of SOCIAL NETWORKING?   Shop Hop was not on the blogs of either of my LQS.
Even my most  Internet-savvy shop had nothing.

The reason that I was even made aware of this was that someone "Googled" Treasure Valley Shop Hop and stumbled upon my random entry at #8 saying I was looking for someone to go with Oregon with me and she left me a post.

Sheesh.  So...this is my Public Service Announcement.

Treasure Valley Shop Hop, is listed as Treasure Shop Hop and starts today.
Boise Basin Quilters (BBQ) have the most comprehensive description that I could find.

Most of the links to Treasure Shop Hop don't work, but after tons of searching found this one that does.

Emily and I are doing the Oregon loop on Saturday.  Look for a tall brunette cruizin' with a red-head.  Buy us a round of fat quarters when you see us.


Julie Fukuda said...

Go figure!
Have fun!

Bailey said...

I totally would have bought you a round of FQs - too funny!

Also, amen to the publicity for the shop hop pretty much sucking! Even the official blog wasn't too helpful...though, at least it listed the dates (I was sharing the link with a new quilter friend and it didn't explain what it was all about)! I'm glad you were still able to pull off a successful run over the weekend despite the short notice!

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the advertising they DID NOT DO. And where is the followup? WHO WON??????