Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break - Update 2

I spent all day Saturday quilting.  Never even got out of my PJ's.  Now THAT's a vacation.

Made great progress on the NH Ashley quilt (Garden of Stitches, Lisa Bongean - Primitive Gatherings).  I have been working on in 4 quarters, to make it more manageable for lap quilting.  Yesterday, was the process of connecting 2 sections, then quilting the connection section.  I was feeling quite pleased with my progress about 11 am, but by evening was only seeing what still needed to be done, rather than what was finished (the whole half empty/half full thing).  I'm also going to run out of the varigated green/lime thread I've been using on the border.  Still deciding if I need to buy more, or find something in the stash that will work.

I think that another long day or several evenings will get this 1/2 done.  But today, the sun is shining and it's supposed to get to 65 degrees.  Going to bundle up and hop on the back of the Harley for a date with the hubby.


Rose Marie said...

This is interesting .... I have thought about trying this method. How far away from the edge (side where you will join to another section) do you quilt to?

Marjorie said...

I like to have about 2" to work with. The Hawaiian quilting patterns suggest 1/2", but I find the extra makes it easier to machine stitch the front sides together. Then I hand stitch the back. Remember to cut off 1/4" of batting from one side, so the batting butts up evenly, with 1/4" overlap on the fabric.