Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break - Update 3

Limited quilting Sunday b/c of the ride...but did finish the echo quilting that is on all the pink section.  Need to go buy groceries and green thread.

Mid-day update:  The green/lime hand quilting thread no longer exists.  Not a surprise as I think I bought the spool I have on clearance.  After much debate, I passed up the multi-green poly blend thread and just bought an extremely bright green cotton thread.  Works just fine with some bee's wax.  Figure it will shrink more evenly with the other cotton thread and cotton batting when I wash it.  About 1/3 done with the outer border (of the 1/2 I'm working on).  
Bought lots of fresh fruit and seafood, figuring that if I needed to feed the family, I don't want food prep time to cut into my quilting time. :)  

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