Friday, March 23, 2012

Executive Woobie Finished

Pull out the smelling salts.  I've finished another quilt.

I've finished 1 quilt since October and now 3 this week.  I guess that makes sense given my 6-8 quilts per year average and the fact that at any given time I have about 20 projects part-way finished.

You can read about the evolution of the project here: washing the ties, making pinwheels, hating the border, coming up with a solution, and using the leftovers.

This silk tie quilt was a finished top and I spent yesterday quilting it onto a soft fleece backing.   It was pin-basted in place then the top and backing (no batting) stitched with a walking foot.  (Grey on the top, black in the bobbin)

I trimmed the fleece to 5/8" from the edge then flipped it over the edge and stitched the raw edge down.

Because of the stretch in the fleece and using cotton thread the top did not stay flat at all.  If you click to enlarge the first picture, you can really see how the pinwheels bunched up.  I actually quite like that.  It picks up more of the sheen of the silk.  And I'll just ignore the wobbliness of the edges.


Archie the wonder dog said...

It looks great - congratulations on the finish!!

quilthexle said...

I don't care whether it wobbles or not - great finish!

Rosa said...

Silk and fleece must be heaven to touch!
Congrats on your finish - my silk tie quilt is still simmering in my mind :-)

Lynne said...

Looks great to me!