Sunday, February 17, 2013


It's a shame that my real world friends Emily & JoAnne are Blog Lurkers instead of participating in the Bloggosphere of Quilting.  Because then they could attest to the fact that in The Real World, I am dangerously spontaneous.  And yet, I am deathly afraid of scrap quilts.

In the real world, I learned to ride a motorcycle 10 months ago. I bought a Big Ass 1800cc bike to learn on and I spend sunny days riding with a group of people that thinks that "high of 50 degrees" (10C) is enough of an excuse to ride.
But scraps...


I'm OK if I can keep them well behaved, which generally means "limited palate" and "rules".

Here's the design wall for my yellow & grey quilt.
The left side are the random bits leftover from some 
strips from the other sections.

Today I started putting together the predominantly white with black bits, as well as some of the wider strips of yellow in the hopes that I could put together a 16" wide strip, 90" long ...that wouldn't freak me out.

I seem to Do OK if I break it down into sections were the randomness is less annoying.

Here, you can see where I sewed the individual sections into sets of 2-3.

This is me, trying to tame the scraps.

Based upon what I see on-line, I'm afraid that I am the only quilter with color-mixing-scrappiness-issues.  Please let me know if I am not alone, and you are interested in joining my support group.


Jenny Squawk said...

Wowza! I actually haven't touched my crumbles. Crumbles are the small bits that can't be turned into a 2.5" square. Clueless. I can't toss them, but surely I've collected them. I love what you are doing. Very interesting. Maybe I should jump on in.

Cathy H said...

Your quilt top looks's good to do something different and step out of our comfort zone......and as for going for a bike ride in that temperature...your fingers must have frozen......

Stephanie said...

There's nothing wrong with "controlled scrapy" quilts. And it's a good way to ease into scrap quilts. I also prefer controlled scrap quilts. Otherwise there's too much going on in the quilt.

And I got my motorcycle license 6 months ago. It's 50 today, but the snow is still melting. :(

LynCC said...

Haha!! Uh, No. You are not the only one who doesn't care for scrap vomit stuff. I love controlled scrappiness, where many different fabrics are executed in a cohesive design of some sort and come together in a pleasing manner. But just craziness with no resting points, no rhyme to it all, too much clashing - makes me think the 60s/70s are vomiting at us all. :)

Debbie said...

I have done some controlled scrappy. Now I am doing scrappy flying geese but the wings and sashing are all one color. I have also done a real scrappy little medallion which will have a solid border, then a 2 inch wide totally scrappy border, then a controlled border, then another real scrappy border. I like mine a little controlled also. It won't be very large. I love your grey and yellow piece.