Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Slow Progress

My schedule this week was crazy, so I was reduced to a few hours of sewing time.

Feeling the need to complete something quickly, combined with the fact there was white thread on the machine, I worked on this.

The 9-patch blocks were from a shop-hop door prize.
I added a green border around the outside of the finished blocks and added a 6" border of one of the prints that I had purchased for the back.

It will finish at about 45x60.  Baby quilt for the stash.

I've been working on a knit maxi dress made out of this cool zig-zag fabric that I bought last year in Portland.

I saw a trick on PBS to use the walking foot when you work on knits to avoid accidental stretching.

Because the fabric is sheer, I'd originally planned to make a tank dress to wear under it.  After reading the instructions, I decided that the lining they had planned made more sense.  This is a navy blue cotton knit that I found at a thrift store.

I had great intentions of wearing it to work today.  But my machines were not going to cooperate.   The serger's attitude improved after being re-threaded a couple times and a new needle.

My new Singer has this bad habit of getting thread caught around a part inside.  Which gives me few clues until the whole thing starts  clinking and acting like it's totally dead.  Screwdriver, seam ripper, tweezers, and a fair bit of cussing then it's good as new.

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Julie Fukuda said...

Oh how brave to even attempt all that... and the quilt looks so much more sophisticated than a ninepatch.