Sunday, June 2, 2013

Where to Start?

I have a day to sew.  My quilting and sewing mentor is visiting and could coach me through anything.  Where do I start?  These are the piles of projects throughout my house.  These are  not even the ones very nicely hidden in bins.
Cute baby quilt made from door prize 2.5" squares from the shop hop.
Pro: I still have some of the apple green Ikea sheet to make a border outside of this.  I have a yard of one of the white background florals for an outer border.  Yesterday bought a medium pink floral for another border.
Con:  I don't need a baby quilt for anyone right now.

FMQ needed for this star quilt.
Pro:  1/2 way done with FMQ.  Needs to be finished by November.

Con:  Must clear the dining table and annoys family TV watching while I stitch.

String quilt
Pro:  new project - still have enthusiasm for it

Con:  Can't do the project in my mind with the existing strings.  Would have to dig into the stash, which defies the purpose of it being a "use up leftovers" quilt.

Pencil Skirt

Pro: need a basic pencil skirt pattern badly.

Con:  fitting

Summer Dresses

Pro:  Have the patterns and fabrics.  Can use for work.

Con: fitting.  Will likely to be easier to fit than other things, so might be able to pull this one off on my own.

Leather - restyle

Pro: It's riding season.  Could definitely wear.

Con:  need to make muslin before I cut into the leather.

More Leather - pretty colors

See above.

Swim Suit

Pro:  Need one.  Bought cheap bras to use as liner b/c cheaper than the pads at the fabric shop.  Have Lycra in stash.  Have some patterns.

Con:  Haven't made a swim suit since I made some for the girls when they were little.  Not sure that the patterns are for my current size.

I can add "tank tops" to this photo too as I was considering building a tank around a bra.

OK.  This process helped.  I think I'll start with pencil skirt.


Julie Fukuda said...

Well, at least boredom is not on your list. I have never fit a regular pattern in my life so would sure hate to start there!

Ola said...

Looks like busy few weeks ahead:) Have fun. Look forward to seeing some finished projects! x

Janet said...

You have a sewing coach and mentor?! Lucky you!!