Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Quilt 1 Done

Long term blog followers might recognize this tidbit of piecing.  About 3 years ago, I received a packet of precut triangles from a shop hop at Halfway, Oregon.  One day, when I was killing time, I started piecing them together, and adding bits and pieces to make this quilt.  It was my very first foray into true improv piecing.  Meanwhile, I've been trying to improve my FMQ skills and periodically would pull this quilt out to try  a design I saw on a blog.

 I just went back through my blog and discovered that I pieced this the summer of 2011.  I posted about it here and here.  As I re-read the old blogs, the irony is that I think I was about to go out to dinner with our friends Kas & Dave the day I was "killing time".   They are now pregnant.  With twins.   About a week ago I found out that they were having girls.  The next day we received the invite to the baby shower.  That's really not fair.  The babies won't be ready for another 7 weeks.  I spent most of Saturday quilting like a fiend, but still didn't finish.  I took the partially finished quilt and the flimsy, but took them back to finish.

Which I did this afternoon.  And because quilters are really far more interested in the back than the you go.  The initials in the end panel are the parents and the girl's initials.

Other baby will get this quilt.  Which has an even more interesting connection.  It was also made from Shop Hop Charm Squares.  From the same shop in Halfway, but 2 years later.  Oh, and the reason that I had enough door prizes to make a quilt is because it was from the trip when I took my biker buddies with me. And the babies daddy is a biker.  Well, at least he was before twins.

And I might have finished at least one of them if I hadn't stopped to crochet a couple boobie beanies.  After all Daddy needs something to look at while the babies are eating.

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Archie the wonder dog said...

I love those quilts and can't wait to see how you quilt the second one! Your FMQ is fabulous!