Sunday, April 21, 2013

Biker's Shop Hop

We are safely back from the distance round of the Treasure Shop Hop.    This hop takes some commitment. We drove 500 miles to hit 7 of the 12 shops.  There is actually a shorter route, but it would involve freeway and not the winding back road from Vale to Baker.

I bought new bungie cords and packed my rain gear.   The prediction was cold and scattered showers.  We got lucky on the rain and got all excited when it was 42 degrees (F) this morning instead of 32.

I started planning this trip in January because I knew of at least 4 women in our motorcycle club were also quilters.  And my quilter friend Sara was looking forward to making it her birthday gift to go.

Turns out none of those people made it and it was me and 5 bikers who were just looking for an excuse to ride.

We had to start with vocabulary lessons.
Shop Hop = Poker Run
Fat Quarter = bandana sized piece of fabric
Notions = stuff you need to turn fabric into other things
Novelty prints = fabrics with cartoon images (like motorcycles)
Batik = fabric that is dyed with a wax relief instead of printed with ink. (That you should buy for your friend Margie)
Flannel = fuzzy fabric for wiping plexiglass

Dragon was "all in".  He wanted to learn the lexicon and play by the rules.  Even woozie with hunger, he staggered forth to get his passport stamped.  If he wins the grand prize...birthday girl Sara gets the prize.

You might be surprised how much fabric can fit in saddle bags.  Of course, it does help that it was so freaking cold that I was wearing all the extra sets of clothing that I brought (except maybe the underwear).

Some great door prizes this year!  3 fat 1/8ths of batik  from Huckleberry patches (they had other cute fabrics as well).

Stich & Snip has a kit for a portable thread catcher.  But more importantly each kit has a fat quarter.

And remember...I got 3 bonus sets from my hubby and friends.   I may never shop hop with other quilters again.
  Free stuff can backfire though.  The cute little charm packets inspired me to buy a couple yards of that floral and paisley fabric (1/2 price) at Quilts Plus in Halfway.

I love that shop in Halfway, but usually because the batik selection is so good.  I've bought some good stuff in the clearance section so headed there first.
Remember how much I loved the Sun & Stars quilt?  There are more yellow/grey quilts in my future. I cleared the bolts on the 2 fabrics on the right.
I don't often buy prints any more.  But when I do, this is what sucks me in.  And it's lime green.  And half price.  Bolt empty.

I'm also working on making some quilts for guys.  I absolutely LOVE these clearance fabrics.  More empty bolts.
Those got me thinking about several quilts I had in mind using black, white and X (x= red, lime, magenta....hmmmm does this count as using Algebra in the real world?)

Used my (and my biker's) 10% off to add to the black/white stash at Stich & Snip.  Which was really funny because she asked me why I wasn't buying any batiks. (Apparently they remember me as the Biker Batik Babe)
But Granny's Attic has some new batiks in.  Of course I'm just assuming that they are new since every other batik in my favorite colors within a 300 mile radius looks familiar.

Red batiks are SOOOO hard to find.  These were at the Charm Shack.

And I have this new idea for a quilt.
A pinup girl tattoo applique.

So I picked up potential skin tones.

That was my weekend.
Did you do anything interesting
that required leather and/or motorcycles?