Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Miscalleny

I'm going to throw out some random things that have made me smile this week.

You know how much I like dragonflies right? 
This tattoo is so freaking cool. 
Eyeball as big as a belly button.
Kind of makes me want one.
But it would probably hurt.

I declared Friday "Margarita Friday" and showed up at work with a bag full of these for my coworkers to take home at 5pm.

Went on a ride Saturday.  Unfortunately one of our friends broke down, literally in the middle of nowhere.  With the wind blowing like mad.  But we had a great time hanging out before and after the breakdown.

My daughter had been purging her room and I ended up with all kinds of things in the "studio" that I need to make room for.  Spent most of the morning making room.  Look how organized it all looks now.

I really need to let go of the scrapbooking stuff.  That's the entire right stack and upper shelf.  I added some stuff to the 2 left stacks and pulled in some empty bins from the garage. 

 Which brings me to my newest commitment. 

I have been secretly lurking on clothing sewing blogs for a couple years. Although I loved sewing clothes for my girls when they were little, I have never been very successful sewing for myself.  When I was a teen ( 5'9" and 130#) I sewed all the time for myself since I couldn't find clothes that fit a tall skinny body.  Being tall and skinny following a pattern worked.  

I am now 5'10" and 160-170# with some lovely curves.  Suddenly all those "adjustment" are necessary. 
So, long story short.  I am going to join the sewing challenge at  Although the goal is to sew-instead-of-buy my goal is to sew all the crazy @$# n#$^&t that I intended to sew. 

Just warning you as I may have to split my time between sewing / quilting / applique.  


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

A little variety is alway good!! I like the dragonfly too. I have a couple of small tattoos, but that would hurt on the

Marj said...

That dragon fly is really cool. Glad that it is on somebody else... Wish you were my boss the Margaritas sounded good.
I just bought some clothing patterns when I was in Cincinnati for the quilt show last weekend. So I will soon be doing some clothing sewing.

Archie the wonder dog said...

I'm really looking forward to your dressmaking posts!

Danielle Hudson said...

I have a scrapbook supply/collection that I need to let go of too. But, all that stuff comes in so handy when my kids have school projects, so I haven't let go yet.

Lynne said...

You've been busy with a variety of interesting activities. Your studio looks fabulous; I, too, should let go of my scrapbooking stuff (but what of the thousands of photos which are still homeless?)!