Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Justified Paranoia

I decided that I'm overdue to make some Quilts of Valor.  I picked up some red fabric at the chain fabric store on the way home for work.  I also had some reds in the stash, so I threw them all into the washing machine on hot, since I inherently distrust red fabric.

The pink selvage proves that my misgiving was well founded.

Even while it was in the drier I was dubious about it's potential malicious intentions.

So I washed a second time in hot water, with a color catcher.

Damn Red.

The blues really weren't much better behaved.

So much for my idea to make a red/white and a blue/white quilt.  The blue and red will have to go together.  It's the closest I can come to "time out" for fabric.

Meanwhile, I've been searching the Internet for every silk tie post I could find for ideas and I finally ran across one that told me what I wanted to hear.  One blogger said to just throw them in the washer, disassemble them and press them on cotton setting with steam, then back with fusable.  If I ever find that site again I promise to let you know and give proper credit....

You see, it's been one of THOSE weeks at home and work.(so very much more complicated than I'll share with the world).   I hate full moons.   So, this was my evening... hovering over a washing machine, watching it create macrame out of a box of ties while drinking beer (uh, oh yea, I gave up alcohol for the new year. Fail.) and wondering how much silk ties really do bleed.
What do normal people do for entertainment?


danih03 said...

Ibought this stuff at the quilt shop called called Retayne. Its supposed to keep the color in and prevent bleeding. I have only tried it on my freezer paper/inkjet printer home made quilt lables so the letters would be washable.Before I used it, the letters washed away. After I used it, they stayed.Its pretty cheep. Might be worth a try;)

Jen said...

"what do normal people do for enertainment?"

OMG, Marjorie, you crack me up. I guess I'm not qualified to answer that question because my idea of enertainment is to relax on the couch, drink wine, and read about some lady in Idaho washing her fabric. My only suggestion is to switch to wine. That way you don't notice the bleeding, and if you do, you don't really care.

Us quilters are a rare breed ;)

Ethne said...

Go on you knew that that resolution wouldn't last - now with the occasional Harley trip, and you do have a right to a relaxing tipple now and again, especially with these 'bleeding' problems with reds (and blues), makes you wonder what sadist decided to combine them with WHITE
Can't wait to see what you make for your QWV

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I watch the calendar for the full moon so when everything starts going haywire, I am prepared to know it is coming and I don't let it piss me off anymore. Like others have said Retayne and color catchers. I made a white quilt with a LOT of different red fabrics from the past 20 years in it. I put in 3 color catchers and the quilt came out fine. I also have 3 red/white/blue quilt tops that are almost finished. I will do the same with those.

Celeste said...

Big fan of Retayne as well; I will wash fabrics with it ahead of time when I will be working in high contrast where I don't want darks bleeding onto lights. Some people do want to wash as it comes in to the home; a good way to know you've treated it already is to clip the four corners of the fabric (which also helps control unraveling in the wash).

Anonymous said...

I purchased red fabric yesterday - - thanks for the warning and the comment suggestions!