Friday, October 15, 2010

Camera Retrieved (at least temporarily)

Skater Girl took her my camera to the last lightweight football game of the season.  I kept it after I took this shot.  It's hard to imagine someone 5'2" and 118 pounds being a starting left defensive tackle...until you see her teammates.

Here's some catch up photos on the state blocks.

A Maple Leaf block for Maine.  Skater Girl and her Grandma picked up the fabric when they were in New Hampshire for my niece's wedding.  As previously noted on the NH block, it is one of my only repeat fabrics...I picked it out for another state while we were traveling.

This pattern is called Belle of West Virginia.  Lucy picked up the fabric for me.  The quilt shop saleslady suggested this fabric to represent the WV Wildcats.  I've been worried that the blue & yellow may stand out with all the other fabrics being mono-chromatic.  Perhaps people will be distracted by my un-even piecing instead.  Or the 2-tone background.

I'm rather fond of this Michigan Beauty block.  The fabric might look familiar.  The dots are also in the NH block (familial fabric picking syndrome).  And I really liked these colors with the fabric that Anne sent from Alabama, so I borrowed some since the Southern Belle block pattern I had used 3 fabrics.

I took some replacement photos of the blocks in the last post, and will update the USA Quilt page with the improved pictures.

I'm planning to remove the 6" pattern links on the sidebar, but can send a PowerPoint with the patterns to anyone who inquires via email.


Kasey said...

Loving the blocks! And tell Skater Girl that our Powderpuff offensive center was only 5'3" and 120 lbs, and I'm proud to say that NO ONE got to our quarterback through me!!!

RETRO-fabulous said...

lovely blocks, Marjorie! Your Fun fabrics and your maple leaf is awesome!! =)
Happy Quilting,