Monday, October 25, 2010


I've had UFO's on the brain lately.  It started when I reorganized the sewing area.  Then I had to decide what to take to work on for the West Yellowstone UFQ weekend.  There are a lot more than I thought I had.  I found the angel and star blocks that my girls made in early grade school.  I sewed them together this weekend with the long lost items.

I also realized that my projects fall into 4 categories:  UFO (Unfinished Objects), WIP (Work in Progress), Archive (things I'll never finish but will keep for historical value) and a category I'll call NEP (Next Evil Plan).

I have a pile of UFO's I plan to get finished by Christmas so I can get a move on with other projects.  The good news is that when I pulled all of them out recently, I liked them again.  I think they became UFOs  because I started disliking them.  The Ojibwe beadwork inspired quilt was annoying me because of the repeated elements.  I've done more annoying repetitions lately, so it looks reasonable now.  A round robin project was abandoned as it didn't seem to go together well.  I've done more free-form / abstract quilts now and think it looks great.  My new trick is going to be finishing the old UFO's without having my WIP become my new UFOs.


Marj said...

Sounds like a good plan, hope that you are able to stick to it. I think that all real creative quilters have the same problem, I know I do.

Quilting in the Pines said...

I love the category NEP- Next Evil Plan! That doesn't really help with the finishing! I seem to suffer from those plans as well!

Karen said...

Sweet angels.