Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Uh Oh

I was looking for another Mayan creature to go with my frog and my lizard.  And since there wasn't one in the clip-art book I had.... well, that means that I needed to buy this one.
But since I was buying from Amazon, I needed something else to push my order to the "free shipping" level.  Unlike the ones I own, this one has the CD so resizing them into applique patterns is oh-so-easy!

They both arrived in Monday's mail.


syocom said...

so much fun, I with I had a machine I could use all those fun programs on. I use to sell them and fell in love with them.

jdqltr said...

Oh that "free shipping" at Amazon.... just an excuse to buy more! I love the Dover books. I am one the email list for Dover and get enticed every week. They have the best inspirations in them.