Friday, October 1, 2010

Winner Prize Photos

I finally got Skater Girl's camera to work (kind-of) since she stole mine.

Here's Kasey's prize.  Helene Knott's Broc-Kitty pattern, 5 fat eighths of olivey prints and a big chunk of a blue/green batik with little dots that remind me of broccoli.  This prize is already in the mail.

When I discovered that Frouke was the winner of the batiks, I edited my selections to include the two fabrics on the right.  They have a really modern vibe that remind me of her style.   It was hard to let them go, but I know they'll have a good home in Germany.  And I'm likely to see them some day on her blog since she's an oberblogger.'ll have to wait for the other photos....the camera worked for only 2 photos then died.

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Marj said...

I was visiting Frouke's blog and saw the link to yours there. I just had to come and visit, because I have the same name as you, Marjorie. I love piecing, but am drawn to applique.