Sunday, October 17, 2010

Applique :)

I started my day with good intentions to finish up some UFOs.  But I knew I was going to spend the afternoon waiting.  Guitar Girl has started cosmetology school and Saturday was "Live Model" day for haircuts.  So I traced the pattern on the back of the fabric for back basting before I left.  I got the basting & cutting out done while waiting for Skater Girl to get her hair cut as well as stitching down one side and one set of "fingers".   I finished up the rest during the BSU football game (the final score was didn't take full attention to watch.)
However, I was distracted enough that I  cut through the background as well as the green fabric.  A section on the bias, of course.  I had some white silk thread with me.  In the end, I had to back it with a scrap cut from the corner and darned the eyeball back together.  I'll pretend that it just adds a "twinkle" to his eye.

This is a Dover Clip art pattern.  I have plans to put this Mayan Frog with a Mayan Lizard for a quilt.  This is the same book that the Santa Domingo Birds came from.  This may be the May 2011 workshop in West Yellowstone.

Oh, and I did actually finish a project in the morning.  However, it's one that I claimed to finish in January.  It's the purple quilt that I helped Skater Girl to make in 3rd & 4th grade.  Over the last Christmas break, she quilted it and I sewed on the binding thinking that she could sew the binding to the back by hand.  She got bored and quit after 5".  I finished the binding and had her sign it Saturday.  It's now washed and on her bed.


Colleen said...

Post a pict of the whole quilt! I remeber that gray and pink rose print! Fomr Piece Goods! I had som of it and used it in the 90s!

Colleen said...

Ok please ignore all the spelling errors in the previous post. Im having finger burps.

Colleen said...

I loved the colors of the quilt! Purple and green rock!