Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trash to Treasure?

Nadine at Quilted Bliss, recently had a give away of her bits and pieces, with the goal of clearing out her stash so she could move on to new projects.  Apparently, my I-never-win-anything-good streak has ended and I received a delightful packet of fabric scraps this weekend.  There were actually 3 packets, but 2 were in colors similar to the first pic.  Much to my delight there were some batiks, which quickly moved in with the rest of my gang.   I was feeling quite guilty that she had spent a small fortune mailing these goodies to me from the UK.  So I decided that I needed to immediately jump into action.
I started by estimating that this set could be cut into 25 small blocks that range in the size of 1.5"-4.5".  I just happen to have some Kona cottons in theses colors that I bought for the Colored Columbine project.  My vision is to "mat" each of the blocks with a color, then "frame" them each with black.  Then sash between the frames & bind with red for a 60x60 finished quilt (5x5 blocks).  Of course...that may change as it all goes together.  And since Nadine is a hand-piecer, I too am doing this all by hand.

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