Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Slow-Down

The summer quilting binge is nearly at an end.  I spent this week getting ready for the fall semester, and preparing a graduation BBQ for Guitar Girl.

Admittedly, I did spend more money than usual on the flour for the cakes, just so I could have this genuine flour sack fabric.

I fixed the quilt that's on the quilt frame and have been stitching "in the ditch" around each of the petals. Last night I was trying to convince myself to stop there.  But as you can see, I was unsuccessful.  The white fabric is a cotton sheet, and I know from past experience that it has a lot of wrinkle to more quilting will add a wonderful texture.  My plan is to keep all the lines heading the same direction - and they are all on the diagonal to the overall quilt.  I'm still trying to talk myself out of stitching 1/2" inside the petals, blue thread (that matches the back) for all.

I finished the Florida block (Orange Peel) with fabric sent by my high school friend Melani, that she and her daughter Brie picked out.

Also, early in the project I was inspired by the leaders & enders approach and decided I could do something similar with hand work.  As I cut out the pieces for each block, I use some of the leftovers to make 3 7/8 squares.  Then marked the 1/4" sewing lines.   Cut them apart, pressed them to the red side and trimmed them up.

So when I'm done with the State quilt, I'll have a second quilt that will look something like this.

Well, back to BBQ prep for me.

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RETRO-fabulous said...

beautiful work, Marjorie! I love the orange peel. After I finish Jane, I may do a whole project of them...for now I've had enough "melons" to last me a while lol.

Heather =)