Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Popsicle Cartoon Piecing

My Tuesday progress was piecing the lower, right corner of Momsicle Popsicle. The top of Sarge's hat and his eyes will be appliqued on later.

Because the lines enlarged to nearly 1/4" I had to figure out how to get the pieces to match up right.
My solution was to trace the pattern piece onto tissue paper
Trim 1/4" seam allowance
Then I made temporary "tape" out of the sticky section of a Post-it notepad. 
And used those to hold the tissue pattern pieces in place.
I used different colors of tissue paper to indicate what I'm going to put together as a unit.  (The pink tissue section is the photo is the lower edge of the unit...I still need to fill in the upper part.)

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connie said...

What a project. Thanks for showing us your process. are you going to machine piece? I think it is going to be incredible. Oh, my fabric arrived yesterday, it is beautiful and I think I have a project in mind already. :-) Thanks so much. I hope to blog about my lovely fabric soon. Take Care.