Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If You Give a Quilter a Day Off From Work

If you give a quilter a day off from work,  she will want to work on the Popsicle quilt.  But she will find teenagers sleeping in her living room, where she needs to work on that quilt.

So she will follow through on her idea to make a pattern from her favorite second-hand cotton skirt, so she can make lovely summer skirts out of pretty quilt fabrics.

But then she will be distracted by the new applique pattern and decide that the cat in the pattern needs to go on a skirt.  Then she will worry that the white fabric she chose will be too sheer, so she decides to line it, which somehow evolves to a reversible skirt.
 But the fabric was not pre-washed...so off it goes to the laundry room,  where she remembers that she bought zinnia fabric for a summer skirt years ago.

And when looking for a pink facing fabric for the zinnias, discovers the poppy fabric, that goes with the new tank top proving that fuschia is a neutral color.  Which will get her excited about another reversible skirt that she can make while the fabric is drying.

But when setting up the ironing board, decides that it's time for the old cover to be retired, and starts to make a new cover from a scrap of white fabric.
And discovers it's too short.  And decides to do something else.   Then is dismayed to find that she doesn't have a white zipper for the white skirt...and in her frustration wonders if 10 am is too early to start drinking.  Which makes her think about margaritas, which reminds her of the Popsicle quilt  that still isn't getting done.

(With appologies to Laura Joffe Numeroff)


Laurel H. said...

BWAH!!! This is hilarious! O, man! But I am gratified to know that I am not the only one that is so easily distracted, flitting from one great project to another! Well, it will be nice to see what (if anything) actually gets done...:)


Yea! You have a grasshopper brain just like me!