Thursday, June 17, 2010


Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

 I am totally loving my collaboration with Watercolor Artist Terrece Beesley.  I should probably issue a statement of disclosure.  We are cousins-in-law.  I think that her mom Shirley & my mother-in-law Reva are orchestrating this project Beyond The Grave.  "Oh, those Nelson Girls".   I'm working hard at translating Terrece's amazing painting into a lap-size quilt.  I have been blogging this step by step.  Probably a snooze for the artists in the crowd, but hopefully useful to the piecers/quilters in the crowd.  My goal is to get the popsicle sticks done before bed time tonight.

Today, Brandi at and I have been hatching evil plans >:-)
She is an amazing machine quilter from CdA.  ( Coeur d'Alene for you unfortunates who don't live in Idaho, but conveniently abbreviated for fools like me who don't spell well in French.)  A couple weeks ago she posted Playing with Texture (I borrowed one photo, but the others are amazing...go check them out) which totally resonated in my brain.  For reasons unknown, I started to think about the veining on leaves.  Today we've been busy plotting a talent trade.  I'll do a little applique for her...and she'll do a little quilting for me.  I'm thinking about 18" leaf , reverse applique blocks (similar in style to the Silhouette Columbine blocks) .  Trying to decide on the season.  Black/white Winter.  Hot pink, orange, lime Spring.  Dark green Summer.  Gold, orange, burgundy Fall.    I'm leaning toward summer green...quilted in lime.   

I've been doing happy dances all day!!!!

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RETRO-fabulous said...

Where oh where to begin? LOVE the collaboration! Your popsicle inspiration is fantastic! The thought of summer green and lime is delicious.

PS CdA is gorgeous!! Sadly, we have nothing like it in the midwest.