Monday, May 10, 2010

Safe Quilting

Interestingly, the cold medicine I'm taking fails to warn about cooking under the influence. Fortunately, I only burned one side of the grilled sandwich.  

Faced with that reality check, I thought it was in my best interest to avoid anything sharp or hot during my afternoon of sick leave.  Ruling out irons, rotary cutters, good scissors, pins and needles was a bit of a challenge.  Eventually, I opted for paper scissors and glue.  I still have all my fingers, and a good start on the hexagon quilt I'll be sewing on the Epic Road Trip of 2010.

I finished cutting out about a thousand little hexes that I had printed out on scratch paper. I was somewhat concerned since the only times I've done English Piecing, I've used cardstock and basted the material in place.  I managed to successfully used the gluestick approach and though the paper was flimsier than I'm used to, I think it'll work fine since I don't plan to re-use the papers (hence the scratch paper). 68 glue-basted, 984 to go.  

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Lynne said...

Your comment on my blog made me laugh and then I came over to your blog and was laughing by the first line. I LOVE applique and hexagons and you are so funny too. I clicked subscribe - I like nothing better than someone who makes me laugh.