Friday, May 14, 2010

Lady &ct

  I was supposed to be on a quilt retreat this weekend that fell apart for reasons I won't disclose.  That means that I have 4 days that I'd planned to be "off" to work on quilt projects.  Wooo Hooo!
I'm really focused on the Monet Quilt.  I made a post giving really detailed, serious tips about how this was going to work.
PPPFFFFSHHHaaaaHAHAHAHA(Snort)pshshhh [gasp] ahh.  yea.  Here's what it really looks like.
Center L:  The partial panel that I am currently working on.  The cross-stitch pattern I  printed out sitting on top of the fuse-able panel.  The pretty pink is a double layer wool blanket that I'm using as a pressing pad for that groovy mini iron on the right.  (You can't see the burn mark under the iron where I set it down when I missed the plastic & metal stand.  Nor can you see the amazing burn mark on my finger where I forgot that the wire stand would be hotter than Hades  when I tried to move it.) The section I'm working on is about 1/4 the size of a full printed panel.
      Oh, and did you notice that there's a cutting mat and fabric on the floor?  This is my dining room.  The sewing machine in in my daughter's bedroom.  The family actually prefers eating in front of the TV in the living room, so I don't get complaints about taking the table out of commission for meals.  I would really, really like them to eat healthy I'm focused on finishing fast.
      You may have noticed the wine glass (Lower Right).  My find of the day is Tamas 07'  Zinfandel (Livermore CA).  Yum.  I found it at Fred Myers, on my way home from the LQS.  I've been drinking Shiraz  Fosters Lager in honor of the Joseph's Coat Quilt Along....but it's time to support my regional vinyards.

You know how great it is to have a friend who always watches your back?  I have several quilter friends who fit that description, but there is also one LQS.  I should note that I am completely spoiled.  I have a dozen quilt shops that I support, but one that I depend upon when I can't find what I need any where else.  Today, I was able to find replacement fabrics for the ones that were not working for me on the Monet quilt.    The good news for all my out-of-town friends, is that they are on-line, as well as brick-and-mortar.  I'm giving an unsponsored shout-out to  Quilt Expressions.  Karen has the best collection of batiks that I've experienced  in the Inter Mountain West.  That's how I rate quilt shops, but for the rest of you she has all the best designers (including Kaffe for you addicts.).  I went today to find some new greens, and replaced several in the Monet quilt.

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Lynne said...

So far in the Sweepstake for how long my Kaffe Fassett quilt will take to make, I think you're the closest - I suspect the others imagine I'm more competent that I actually am!