Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monet Lady Panel

Well, here she is.  The right-hand side of the crazy Monet Quilt.  Up close I've been very, very concerned with the dress portion of the pattern as it looks like random colors.  However, at a distance the swirling folds of her skirt are visible and sections that seemed like too much contrast are just right.  Whew!

This section is 23" x 108" and has 2484 squares (one inch finished).

I have the upper left section (top of umbrella and sky) laid out (fused in place), as well as the lower left (boy and lower skirt.)

Still to do:  The center left sky section.  Plus I need to add background section on both the left and right of the main design section.

The original cross-stitch is 118x148 and I'm reducing it down to 70ish x 108 (7500ish squares! Egad!)  but can add as much background as needed to look right up to 90" wide.  I started this with a Quiltsmart grid product that was marked for 1.5" squares, but miscalculated when I ordered.  I found a 1" grid interfacing by Pellon at JoAnne's that I will use to finish up.  It's less conveniently marked, but I can buy additional and be back at the sewing machine in 30 minutes.  

Looks like today is shaping up to be a Sitting-on-the-back-of-a-Harley-designing-quilts-in-my-head kind of day, so it may be a week or more until I have more to show on this project.



I love Monet. These are great colours.

jan said...

This quilt is stunning! I can't imagine keeping all those pieces in order!