Friday, October 23, 2009

New Stuff

I'm working on the yellow & white zig zag quilt and decided to try some new products.

Dritz Quilting Spray Adhesive.
The claim: temporary adhesive spray for bonding fabric or paper. eliminates basting & pinning
My experience: First was sticker shock. It was about $15 for a 6.2 oz can. I used it to baste the 22" Baltimore Block. I hand quilted this block without any type of frame. There was some shifting of the layers which caused the front to have more slack than the back. This caused an increased poofiness between the stiching lines. It looks good on this particular quilt, but I would hesitate to use it in the future using the same technique. I like it much better on the zig-zag quilt. It's a 60" square with straight line machine quilting using a walking foot.

Bamboo Batting
The claim: 50% Antibacterial Bamboo fiber 50% organic cotton, luxuriously soft, renewable resources.
My experience: 50% more expensive than 100% cotton. Does have a nice soft feel. Less prone to wrinkles in the batting when layering. It appears to drape more than cotton does. I'll know better if it's worth the extra $ after the quilt is bound and washed.

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