Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Lucky Week

I WON!  I WON!  You just don't understand how exciting that is.  I rarely win anything. I'm not un-lucky...I have lame prize luck.  On the rare occasion that I do win, it's usually the ugly centerpiece door-prize that no one wants.  But this time, I hit the jackpot!  Kellie has very generously given some incentive prizes for the Joseph's Coat Quilt-along.  Mine arrived Monday.  Yipeeee!

This past weekend, the weather was gorgeous here, and the hubby was itchin' to ride the motorcyle.  I was able to talk him into riding on Saturday, rather than Sunday...because the quilt shop that's an hour-or-so North of here, up that winding road he likes to drive, is closed on Sunday.  He dropped me off at Stitch n Snip in Crouch and headed to the Longhorn Saloon for a cold drink.  I was well behaved and bought 1/8th yard pieces of these fantastic batiks.  Of course, I ran into someone there that I know, so I had to stay and quilt gossip with Gretchen.  And it turns out that the shop is part of a 10 day, Idaho/Oregon Shop Hop.  Seriously?  A quilt shop hop is like inviting an alcoholic on a pub crawl.  I will NOT be trying to hit the other 15 by Saturday.  I will, however, keep the maps and addresses in the saddle bag, and I got this cute card holder kit (which I sewed up the moment I got home).  


Quilting in the Pines said...

You are so funny! Inviting an alcoholic on a pub crawl! I feel the same way about quilt shops and hops. I'm going on one this coming Saturday!

I'd love that pattern for the card holder, willing to share?

Lynn from Joseph's Coat.

Laura said...

OMG I am drooling over those batiks. Great choices!