Monday, September 26, 2011

Off My Groove

I'm looking for the old dude in this video to blame for throwing me off my groove.

What I thought I was going to do Friday:  Finish quilting some UFO's.
What I did Friday:  Accepted a contract to be a nutrition consultant for a Second Life project.  I'd never been on SL before.  I do like my rockin' blue hair and wish I could show up to my real job looking like this.  I can almost make it from point A to B without falling on my face every 3 steps.  (Always a baragin hunter, I found the thigh-high boots for free!)  I can hook you up with FREE Second Life University of Idaho footballs, sweats and scarves. 

Where I thought I was spending Saturday night: Yellow Pine, ID
Where I spent Sat night: Pine, ID
Both lovely places.  Yellow Pine is 4 hours North, deep in the mountains.  Pine is an hour (2hrs with our detour) SW across the desert then an hour into the foothills.  Just a little disconcerning when you end up in a completely different direction from where you thought you were going. 

How I thought I'd spend Sat. afternoon:  Hanging out with bikers, drinking beer and telling lies.
How I spent Sat afternoon:  Icing down my chest in the hotel after a yellow jacket (hornet) who had run into my neck on the ride, awoke in my shirt and stung the @$#& out of me b/w the boobs.  I did join the crowd for the Boise State football game, but spent the night waking up hourly with stabbing chest pain.

Where I expected to be on the Leah Day Funky Flower Project:  Getting a thank-you email from Leah to let me know they had arrived.  
Where I really am on the Project:  I have 1 petal and the center of the 4th flower yet to stitch down.  I have also decided that I didn't leave enough negative space outside the flowers for her amazing quilting (and may have used too much print fabric from the scrap bin)  so I am pondering making a round of the same flowers but smaller, using fusable and raw edge technique and less textured fabrics.

I have a busy week scheduled including a Batik class that I'm forcing Skater Girl to take with me.  I'm also *sniffle* pretending that I'm not coming down with a cold which would further throw me off my groove.  Drat.

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Ethne said...

You've had one busy and painful weekend by the sound of things - hope the hornet sting has lost it's vengeful irritation and that the flowers are now more pleasing to you - I look forward to seeing what Leah does with the completed items