Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bright Shiny Objects

I started my day determined to finish this quilt.  It's my variation of Elizabeth Hartman's Knee Socks Quilt Block.  I say variation because I had a bunch of strips in various widths and colors left over from the Quilts of Valor project that my Quilt Group worked on.

Since they were unpredictable widths, I made the end pieces about an inch wider, which allowed me to line everything up and trim these blocks to  12.5".

I was making great progress until I hit about 10 am and realized that I have some major gaps in my wardrobe for my next vacation, and this was my last week-day off to fix the problem.

I did find a mesh style motorcycle jacket to survive the Virginia humidity.

However, I was not successful finding nice cool cotton tops to wear.  This season's tank tops all appear to be polyester.  Ick.

So I went home and pulled some pink cotton t-shirt fabric out and tried sewing up a Simplicity tank pattern.  It fits much worse than this blurry photo suggests.  There are odd gaps at the arm holes.

I started re-drafting a pattern, but decided I needed to make a quick ride to Calidonia - the amazing fabric store that has yummy fabrics.  If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it.

I came home with a yard of a purple bamboo blend knit.

And this cool lycra blend which I plan to turn into a work-out style tank.

Ditto with this one.

Then I came home and threw a turkey in the oven (it's been in the freezer since November and I just realized it was there).  While it was cooking, I tried to sort out several tank patterns, then gave up and cleaned the house (company arriving tomorrow).  As the bird was resting, Zoe stopped by and I was inspired to finish sewing the Utah pillows that I'd made to commemorate Spring Break.

Zippers were hastily added to both girl's pillows and another thing crossed off the to do list.

And at long last, I spent the last 30 minutes piecing together the quilt I was going to finish at 10 am.

It was going to be another Quilts of Valor quilt, but as I was finishing up, decided that it needed to be a Groom's Quilt for another friend name Dave.  He's Army National Guard and has had several overseas deployments.  That counts right?

And besides...I know Dave.  He WILL be sleeping on the couch.


Sarcastic Quilter said...

Considering I often give my QOV intended quilts to service members I actually know, YES it counts! :D

Pretty quilt.

Tina said...

I agree, it does count. I love the quilt, and the fabric choices for your work out clothes look great. The quilting on your pillow has so much movement, great job.

Lynne said...

Love your fabric acquisitions. You rush around so much you make me tired just reading your post! LOL

Amy said...

Hey Marjorie, are you headed for Rolling Thunder? It is hot and humid here. We just turned on the AC to prepare for it. Love Dave's Groom's Quilt!