Sunday, January 15, 2017

Flashback: Columbine

As I was traveling through Utah, I had this quilt returned to me.  I don't think that I ever posted it here on the blog.   It was designed to be 4 different views of the Columbine flower done as reverse applique.  It was designed to be part of a class series that I was to teach in West Yellowstone in 2010.  For some reason, I couldn't make it to the retreat so I didn't teach the class.  I had also made some of these patterns in yellow and red.  Not sure what ever happened to those versions.  The patterns were printed and kits at least considered.  My friend Anna designs quilts for a shop in West, but the owner was never convinced that this pattern would sell, so she returned the quilt to me this weekend.
I still like it. 

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