Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Little Finishes

 Earlier this fall, I was trying to use up scraps and found that I didn't like the color combinations.  My friend Bailey is an NICU nurse and suggested finishing up the project as a mini quilt to donate.  The bassinet mattresses are 12.5" x 26".  So these 2 were my first attempt.  After using them at work, she found the 22x34" (flimsy size) was a bit too short on the sides to be convenient.
 So I started another round to use up some gifted fabric that I never liked.  This one is 26x36 before quilting.

Addendum 12/14: Here's the other one.  Using 2 orphan blocks from a larger quilt and scraps from several different red quilts.  It was a great way to practice some FMQ.  But the light contrasting back really shows off wobbles in my quilting as well as the fact that my machine needs a tune up since it is randomly adding weird loops on the back side of the stitching.

 This piece Was a Round Robin from 1995.  It's been my hand quilting piece for the last month.
Love the movement in the hand quilting. 
I may turn this into a big couch pillow. 
The problem with these "little" finishes is that there is actually a finite number of pillows one can use.

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