Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIPs on Wed - Aug 10

I've done some hand-work this week.  I pulled out Rita's hexi quilt and stitched together a few of the pieces that I'd already prepped.  I read about a technique used with plastic templates that stitches only on the back side, instead of the right-sides-together & whip stitch that I normally use.  I much prefer the outcome with not even the smallest stitches visible, but it significantly slows down my process.

I'm up to 11 of the blocks for the Groom's Quilt that were detailed in the past 2 posts. 

But my main project this week has been upping my physical activity.  I need to do get serious about doing something to off-set all the sitting-and-quiltmaking time.  The physical activitiy challenge at work in July got me started. (This was the view under my desk yesterday)

My new iPod arrived today and thanks to e-books (and a borrowed mp3 player), I've started increasing from 150 minutes a week with a new goal of 300 or more.  8/3-8/9total: 273.

I think it's starting to work.  I was assessing my mid-section yesterday and I think I'm up to a 2-pack.


Lynne said...

Good on you!

I know I should but quilting is more fun!!

Bunny said...

Your hexes are cute. Good luck with getting your six pack. I will never know what that is like LOL.

Esther said...

Looks great! And you're right, quilting is a lot of sitting down. Only problem is, exercise is nowhere near as fun! You see I need some motivation!!