Saturday, June 30, 2012


At long last, I've been doing some applique.  This is the Heart's Infatuation (my variation of Esther Aliu's Heart's Desire) that I've been ignoring for most of 2012.  

I have been working it in panels and today combined the 3 sections.  I spent a good bit of time adding about 9 of the dots that are the stamens on the lower panel.  I also stitched down the 2 stems that connect the heart logo to the left-side flowers.

Now I have a whole lot of vining and petals to do.

My "to do" list:
* leaves for the lower left.
* blue stamens for the 3 left flowers.
* connecting vining of some sort from the bird to the lower right.
* ditto the center loop section toward the left
* one more bracket of 4 hearts on the right side
* design tropunto for the center 1/6th of the quilt to include all the bits and pieces from the outer border.


Danielle Hudson said...

How beautiful! I love those flowers with the stamens. Are you doing hand applique? You should take some close up shots. Would love to see:)

beaquilter said...

this looks lovely, is it all needleturn?

Lynne said...

Looking good!

ANudge said...

How gorgeous, Marjorie! Esther would be flattered that you are using her pattern to make another beautiful top. Love it!

ANudge said...

PS wish you would make a video of you doing the needle turn of the back basted pieces. I can't seem to get the hang of turning that seam under to get a applique piece that follows the shape accurately. I have to use freezer paper, but would love to do it the way you do.