Monday, June 25, 2012

Dress Done

I did get this dress done and ready to wear to work today...but with a cardigan to hide the issues with the bodice.  Every time I make some clothing, I think I've made all the right adjustments until I get it done.  Bah. This sheath pattern needs some tucks in the neckline before it's cut out.   And I'm not sure that I'm crazy about the cap sleeve detail.  The bias binding makes them stick out more than I'd like.  Oh well...this was intended to be my "muslin" version of this pattern...I just had hope it would be the perfect fit in the first round.

Back to the drawing board (after a day long test drive to see what else I may or may not like about the pattern)...then on to make a version of this out of jelly roll strips.

This fabric is a Kathy Hall for Andover Fabric that I bought on clearance at the quilt shop in Halfway, OR on the shop hop.  The pattern is Simplicity 6643.


Ethne said...

Looking good - maybe you need to make a dress from to resolve these issued -

Celeste said...

I think your body can pull off View C. I think the cap sleeves are sticking out because the fabric has no drape.

ANudge said...

Now my mother or daughter could give you some ideas -me - i'm a quilter. Mom has sewn for 70 years and is a professional. My daughter takes after her - she makes costumes and drafts her own patterns. Me? I can just follow directions. I like it and am not too happy about the caps but they're good enough for a muslim version. Proud of you!