Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A week in my life

Life is so busy and I've decided that instead of reading other people's blogs and feeling badly that I don't accomplish as much quilty stuff as they do, I will imagine that they live dull and boring lives where what they post is all there is.

As shown by my previous 2 posts, I did finish this quilt now shown in situ with the groom under it recovering from the reception.

My older daughter has theoretically moved out - but only took 5% of her belongings.  I have spent about 14 hours clearing out the closet and starting to move things in.  So far it's scrap book supplies and this summer's purchases for sewing clothing and biker leather.   Maybe in a few months I'll have a "Studio" for sewing and crafting.

Removing bags of things from the coffee table in the living room unearthed this Quilts of Valor block that is due Saturday for a Quilt Block Ladies meeting.  A little more button hole stitching and I'll be done.

While I was frantically quilting on Friday, my hubby issued a bribe that went something like this " Want to ride to Joseph Sunday for some fabric and a beer?". How could I say no? Yes...I knew it was too far... over double my longest ride.  Turns out that while 420 miles on a road with 2000 curves is rational for a fabric run, it's a bit much for a one day motorcycle ride for a rookie rider.  We were gone 14 hours, 12 of it on the bike.

My other distraction has been reading.  I'm one of those people who can't set down a book once I start, so I tend to not start.  But I got a Nook for my birthday.  So I bet you're wondering what that has to do with this photo?

It's my Red Neck Nook Cover.  I gutted a book I bought for $1 and 2 rubber bands hold the e-reader in place.

I figure it's an extra security feature for when I carry it around in my purse.  Who wants to steal an old book?

So...that's what I've been up to.  What about you?


LynCC said...

That's a LONG bike run! Do motorcycles give you saddle sores?

I **Love** your Nook cover!! First one like it I've seen. Great theft camouflage, too.

Your Quilt of Valor block is really neat. And you know what - I also move bags of stuff (well, more frequently Amazon boxes) before taking photos. ;D

Deborah O'Hare said...

I have exactly the same approach to you when it comes to reding. I read far less than I used to because I know it will distract me from sewing. Which is better for my brain I wonder? Love the nook!

Ethne said...

You have been busy so don't fret
That's one heck of a bike ride you have ahead of you - enjoy and indulge in some delicious fabric - safe journey

Julie Fukuda said...

My dull boring life is not producing even that much quilting but it sure is fun to be clucking over all my chicks for a month. I picked up some books in Oregon and am trying to ration the reading so I will have something to take home.

Lynne said...

My DD was married in January 2009 and still hasn't completely moved out so don't hold your breath! You have been busy - I love your cover for your Nook. Like you, I can't put a book down once I start - I read an entire novel on my iPad yesterday, finishing at 1am!