Sunday, September 2, 2012


I did spend entirely too much time making this full sawtooth border.  I was going to make it with HST but opted for the pointer triangles that were part of Esther's original pattern.  Although it took me twice as long , I am happy with the end result.  On  10 point scale of how happy I am with the results, I give the applique 9.3 and the pink sawtooth border about 8.7 (it was only an 8 until I saw this photo and the things that bug me are not evident from a distance. )  I like the contrast between the curvy applique and the triangles.

I've spent all of today making this green border.  Because I was using up the leftovers from the leaf fabric, I did some simple estimate calculations to be sure that I had enough fabric to pull off this look.  Earlier today there were many things that I didn't like about this look, which rated it only a 3.  I forgot that the top and bottom strip needed to be 17" longer than that side, so had to go back and add more fabric to the original strips.  And just when I thought I was about ready to stitch this all together, I discovered that the sawtooths (sawteeth?) finished at 2.25" not the 2" I had assumed.  This left me about 7 rows short on each side.  Bah. I would probably had as many issues if I'd spent the time to do detailed calculations.

But what now....
Should I
A)  continue fixing the tile border that I am only luke-warm about.
B) buy a solid dark green batik for an 8" outer border.
C) do something entirely different.


Oops-Lah said...

I really like the green tiles, but I'm sure another green fabric would look great too. I think you need to be happy, so do whatever you think is best. All in all, your quilt deserves a 10!! But that's just my humble opinion.

Bailey said...

I love the scrappy green border! What about doing the corners (like how you have a white square corner on the pink/white sawtooth border) a solid dark green so you don't have as much to fix? Or have you already fixed enough to make that not an option?

Janet said...

I agree with Oops-Lah. I think the tiles look lovely - sort of like a brick wall in the garden where the plants are growing. But you have to like it the best.

Ethne said...

The question is what you don't like about the green brick border - is it too close to the main elements? or the whole concept
If it's too close, create a secondary border to space it away from the sawtooth border then do you bricks with another deeper green border
Don't fret too much over it - leave it aside for a week or so and look at it again with fresh eyes having worked on something different .... - can't wait to see what you decide

quilthexle said...

To me, your top looks like it's going to be a 10 !! And I like the idea by Bailey - how about doing just the corners blocks in a solid dark green?

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love the idea of the green tile border but wonder whether Ethne's right about possibly adding a space between the sawtooth border and the tiles...I can't wait to see what you decide but it's going to be stunning!