Friday, November 30, 2012


A quilt top finish!!!  And it comes with quite a story.  I started this quilt for a wedding gift for a  Marine who was about to be married and had a wonderful love story that made me melt.  I had some red fabrics in my stash and immediately started on this quilt with grand plans for it to be a wedding gift.  I lost my momentum.  I missed the deadline.

It had been a great plan.  Scarlet and Gold are the colors for the US Marine Corps.  By keeping the ring sections solid red (compared with a traditional Double Wedding Ring which has pieced ring sections) I thought it would look more contemporary, perfect for a young couple.

Determined to finish up some UFO's, I pulled this out recently and had to make decisions.

1) I could abandon the project since the event was past.
2) I could finish it and find a different recipient.

I spent Thanksgiving Weekend making "melons" to finish this quilt.   It is a throw size quilt - about 58" x 68".

Now I have a fantastic flimsy that I want to use as a fundraiser quilt.  The groups that I have in mind support injured/killed police & fire fighters or missing soldiers.

So much would you pay for a chance at this quilt?


Tina said...

Lovely quilt, do like the color choices. It is going to make a great fund raiser quilt.

LesQuilts said...

I donate quilts for a local group, my longarmer suggested setting the value of the finished quilt at $1500 and sell 1000 tickets as $5 each, 3 for $12.
It would enable a group to earn at least $4000!
this is after costs such as tickets, signs, places to sell the tickets.
Ticket selling would be over a number of months vs 1 month.
It looks gorgeous, I hope it makes lots of money to congratulation you on your work and raise money for the group!
Take care, Leslie

alicat2500 said...

What pattern did you use for that quilt? I love it!


Lynne said...

It is lovely! And what a great way to "use" it!

Chartreuse Moose said...

I'm a wedding ring lover...and this is a beauty! I 2nd the request...what pattern, templates, methcod did you use???

Carol said...

fantastic quilt top. I love the colors.

Rike B. said...

Wow! A really clear but effectiv pattern! I love it!