Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Bits O Progress

I was really hoping to show some finishes this week.  I am OH SO close!

I have 3 blocks to finish quilting on the USA quilt.

After that, there is still some between block fill to do.

And I need to decide what to quilt in that outer border.

Still.  Feels like great progress.

There are several hours of Olympics to watch tonight so I will continue to make progress.

I finally got Amy's Bonus Quilt 2 back pieced and sandwiched yesterday.

Using a serpentine stitch to add texture to parallel line stitching.  (Note, I no longer refer to this as "straight line stitching"...even parallel is pretty much a lie).

I had 2 major issues, one with thread winding up inside the machine requiring the removal of 4 screws and the use of pliers, tweezers and a seam ripper to remove the offending thread.   The other was 82" of stitching with a bobbin issue that all had to be ripped out.  That slowed me down a couple hours and ruined my attitude.

Benjamin Biggs Block 2 leaves are on tap for tonight's Olympics coverage.

I have other excuses for not getting more done.

I've been hanging out with friends.  And planning to start a wine club.  You know, like a book club but without even pretending that we read the book.

I spent another evening this week with my Blog Lurker Annette.  She lives near me, has followed my blog, but never left comments.  She contacted me by email and we got together to brainstorm on a Hawaiian Quilt project that she has been working on.

What's On Tap?
First, I want to point out that I have been tracking progress on my right side bar.  I estimate that I have used up 29 yards of fabric from the stash since the new year.  I add to the total as piecing is complete.  I will include UFO yardage as projects get completed.

Finish the Biggs block to stay on schedule for the BOM
Finish the USA Quilt
Finish Amy's Red/White Bonus Quilt

My 30th class reunion is this summer.  I got sucked into a challenge (I'm a sucker for a good challenge) and I let a friend pick out the shoes that I will be wearing for the "Dinner Dance".   My friend Lucy is a little bitty thing. No wonder she likes 5" heels.  These shoes make me 6'2".  Clearly, my chest will be center stage.

I have a pattern I'm going to try, but I think it may be a bit Sophia Loren for my taste.  Still thinking of Katharine Hepburn options.


Amy said...

Quilting ideas - amber waves of grain, or purple mountains majesties. You like beer and you live in Idaho... even though you are talking a wine club. Can I join? (Do you have Trader Joe's there? They have good prices on good wine.) Course, wine and killer heels are not a good combination for me. With shoes like that, you should go for Marilyn Monroe.

I love the shot of the serpentine quilting. (and the Virginia is for Lovers fabric part front and center in the pic. I used the last of it for Valentines' projects.) Sending better quilting karma your way. Cheers!

Evan ChengChos said...
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Michelle said...

Love the USA quilt, its really nice. I love the idea of a wine club. How fun!