Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Aaaah Applique

At long last I had a few hours to spend on some applique.

I finished 4 of these corner motifs on one of the Benjamin Biggs blocks and prepared a few more. Those bumpy leaves take more time than I remembered, making the curves as smooth as possible.

I really must finish the corners before moving on to the next block.

I also finished the double leaves and 3 of the 4 center stems on block 6.

We had 2 back-to back vacations on the motorcycle where I was well behaved and drove right past known fabric stores.  With one exception.  When we stopped in Dillon, Montana I thought it seemed like the kind of place that would have a nice quilt shop.  Turns out I was right.

Looks like we'll be home for a while now, and with the 100+ F temps we're having, I'll be spending evenings inside doing applique.

1 comment:

A Nudge said...

Love your fabric choices and beautiful applique. I would have bought some of that fabric too. Stay cool, Marjorie!