Sunday, September 28, 2014


I am absolutely in love with my newest project.  

It is the shield  portion of the logo for our motorcycle club.  I have been planning this for about 2 years, with the outline taped behind my sewing machine for over a year. 

The scale on this is pretty small so the boar was pretty fussy to stitch.  And since it blended into the background, I also had to add a row of dark grey embroidery to make it pop.  The other tusk, mouth, cheek and ear will be quilted following the pencil lines there.  

I have absolutely loved this part of the project. 

So now I am moving on to the hate part of the post.   Because I am putting this on a black background, I am not going to be able to do my usual back basting technique.  I've tried dozens of marking pens and pencils on black and have not found one yet that holds up for the job.  

So I am doing freezer paper w/ starch method.  Which I find extremely tedious and time consuming. 

Oh well.  I have time.  Since the club requires American Made motorcycles, I thought it was the perfect excuse to try the new American Made Fabric line.  Unfortunately, it's not carried by any of my LQS, so it's on order from The Fat Quarter Shop. 


Amy said...

This is a very cool project. I'm looking forward to seeing this one done. I just took a back basting applique class last week. I liked it! Have you tried transfer paper for the markings (like I used to use for marking clothing in my home ec class oh so long ago) or an acid free gel writer pen? (I used my daughter's supply from middle school - need a few new since she's now 28...)

LynCC said...

Heee!! I am completely with you on hating this kind of applique prep. Soooo messy and finicky, eh? I always get bummed when that's the best way to attack something. ;D