Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saddle Bags

And now for something entirely different....
Hubby and I bought new baggers last week.  I spent much of the 940 mile break in rides designing custom inserts in my head for the hard saddle bags.  The Road King came with an open-topped bag that fits into the hard bags.  The concept being that you can pull the bag out and carry it into a hotel when you do an over-nighter.

Can you look at those Victory bags and not think of the Jetson's cartoons from the '60s?

I started my morning templating the inside of the bag with cardstock.  As you can see, there were several challenges including a 1.5 inch difference from the bottom of the bag to the area flush with the lid, some weird angles, and a 2"x 3" block for some type of equipment that sticks up in the bottom corner of the bag.

After a couple hours and too much coffee, I have a paper mock-up of what will become the rear bag on the left side.  It will hold the things I always keep in the bag like sun screen, first aid supplies, etc.  The front half bag with be the over-nighter hotel bag.

Having done this part, I am now completely re-thinking how I am going to divide this bag up.

I better go take a ride and give it more thought.


LynCC said...

Gosh, those are absolutely beautiful on the bikes!!

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