Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In a Pickle

I had great hopes of showing a "ta-da" post as I had spent much of the weekend in the sewing room making these wedges for the Pickle Dish quilt.  And then I started counting.  53 seems like a strange number.  Particularly where they are printed 2 to a page, and I need a multiple of 4.  After some searching, I found the rest of the stack of paper piecing templates.  The missing wedge is probably deep under the pile of scraps.
I have used up all the smaller scraps that I had from previous black and white quilts and am now cutting into some new fabrics that I purchased with the purpose of a black/white quilt for this recipient.  Looks like several more piecing sessions in my future.  Unfortunately, the old Viking is acting up and likes to randomly snap thread, no matter how I adjust the tension.  That reduces my enthusiasm for the project, but the Singer is set up for FMQ, which is a nice break from piecing.


Sharon @ OSEWDIVINE said...

Pickles are looking good, Just love the pickle dish quilt, currently finishing mine off. keep going, a lot of work but worth it.

Amy said...

Your pickles are inspiring me. And so are your crumbs. I can see those B&W snippets pieced together in the 15 minutes of play style as the background for crayon colored stars, or cut as alternate triangles with an orange or red solid... Piece!