Monday, June 29, 2015


My plan today was to do some errands and then get started on some clothing projects.  The good news is that the trip to the Cell Phone Store that I'd been putting off for a couple months will save tons of money.  The bad news is that as I was tidying the sewing room (as required before any big project), I was distracted by a bin of  quilting scraps.  Emily gave me the blue/dark green triangles when I had asked for teal fabric a few years ago.  She had cut them out for a project but passed them on for me.  They didn't work for that project I was working at the time, and I've been setting them aside for something with HST.  The Apple Green was from the Charley Harper quilt.  The lime floral is a dress.  And the yellow plaid was a backing.  This quilt may have an interesting evolution. The next round may involve some orange and lime....

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Nanna said...

what an interesting shape, like how the darker color pops out