Friday, October 9, 2015


Taking a little break from my fun and hilarious life to get back to something creative. Two weeks ago, while on a mini-reunion trip with 2 of my childhood friends, I ended up at Powell's books in Portland.  While the "Super Smutty Sign Language" book was probably the most entertaining book purchased, I came home with several "Adult Coloring Books".  Contrary to what you might think, it did not include any nude body parts.  My non-quilting friends thought I had blown a gasket when I kept saying "This would be an AWESOME quilt!"

 Last weekend I bought 1.5 yards of a pale, beige batik while on a motorcycle ride to Halfway, OR.  Tonight I started sketching out one of my favorites from the Millie Marotta "Animal Kingdom, Color Me, Draw Me" book.  The body outline of my  bird is about 31" x 46".   What I love about her drawings is how easily they adapt to FMQ.  While her plan for the head/neck feathers are pointed and scale-like, I think that the photo confirms that it'll work with oval pebbling.  While she uses dashed lines for variation, I think I'll primarily use distance between stitching.  Once again, the proof is in the photo that this will work:  The lower beak looks darker, but is the same pen as the upper beak.  (I plan to fix the random directionality in the final beak).

I am SO excited about this, that I am turning down a ride with some of my absolutely favorite people in the world, on what is predicted to be a most gorgeous fall day in Idaho to get this party started.

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