Monday, July 4, 2016


Believe it or not, I'm still here!

Instead of doing quilty, creative things, I've been doing a lot of traveling.
In June alone, we rode over 3000 miles (easily 5000 km) on the motorcycles.  All for fun.  Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana.

And another 1200 miles (2000ish) in the car to check on my mom who lives on the other side of the state and recently underwent 2 back surgeries.

I am enjoying an unusual day at home with no work or other obligations,  Thought I'd invite you along this creative adventure.

About 6 months ago, I fell in love with a "purse" by Jungle Tribe. 

Super clever design that can be worn several different ways.  I didn't buy it for 3 reasons.  1) cost  2) size 3) rivets

If it met all my requirements, I would have paid the price.  
It is too small to hold the 3 required items I want this bag to carry.
I plan to wear it on the bike, so all the cute metal fashion details will scratch my bike. 

My mission today:  take all the detail notes I've been storing on paper and in my head and turn it into a similar bag. 

I have leather from a pile of leather coats that I bought off-season with the intention to repurpose the leather.  3 coats at a second hand store with 1/2 price off season discount = $30.
 This impacts the design as I want to use the placket pocket for the deep bag.
Also, that flap detail on the ugly coat is also 2 potential pockets to re-use.  I may actually get the whole purse out of the $20 ($10 discounted) coat.

A couple weeks ago, in anticipation of this project, I went on the hunt for belts and findings.  Splurged $17 for a new belt to build off.  $8 worth of second hand belts for leather and findings.  The trigger snaps were my splurge, but also 1/2 price at the leather store. 

So, with about $50 of raw's time to start designing on the fly.  Wish me luck.


Petal49 said...

I love your creative spirit and good luck with the bag. Your ride sounds amazing.

Roselene souza said...

Boa sorte!!!!! Nos mostre como ficou, bjs