Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Scraps Again



I finished the Elephant Quilt last week and can't wait to show you the outcome later this week.  Meanwhile, I cleaned the studio and discovered that my pile of green and yellow scraps has grown to the point it needs to be made into something.  I found bits from each of the quilts above in the bin of leftovers-too-big-to-throw-away.   Which is ironic since several of them were scrap quilts to begin with.

I have done several scrappy monochromatic blocks as shown below.



I have addressed these random bits before.  Sometimes I've added some mosaic strips bewteen.  Other times just random sized rectangles.

I'm at it again. But with a bit of a spin. Here is the halfway point of joining the greens.


Amy said...

Oh boy, I love it when you dabble in scraps! Quiltdiva Julie is working a bento box design that has my attention as well. Perhaps the two of you will motivate me to organize my scraps... lol.

Julie Fukuda said...

Beware, those scraps are breeding in dark places. You will never run out!